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Main Mini Sites Information -:-

  • Desktops: - Digital Art Images that can be used as a Personal Desktop Image.

  • Poetry: - A small selection of my Poetry viewable in a Gallery Format.

  • Smileys: - A moderate collection of Assorted Smileys for use on Internet Forums and such.

  • Tutorials: - A small collection of online Tutorials aiming to teach a few basic Computer skills.

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Welcome to my Domain, Welcome to my Darker Side...

Click a Link already, or visit the Web Store... >=]

The sites now have collectively over 20 million hits!
So many thanks for coming & a big thanks to those that keep coming back.
Always nice if you can support the site by giving a little via PayPal.  Paypal-logo :)

The Main Area of Update and Interest is The Smiley Mini Web site and the Smileys I make.  Feel free to Browse the Smiley Categories or Just Check out the New Additions into the G.T Smileys Collection.

The Main News for this Area is the Release of Several G.T Smiley packs for phpBB Forums, each includes a .pak file and Instructions on how to Import them and what to do if you need Support using them.  I can also Inform you Webmasters and Forum Administrators that a Smiley Pack has been Submitted for Inclusion in the phpBB Image MOD's Database.  Look out for that when they next Validate the MOD Database Submissions Backlog.

For now though you can Download the New Smiley Packs and check out what is in them, both Zip and Rar formats are available. As ever, the server fee climbs every month.  =/
That Means more of you feckers are posting them though! Ebil Thumb Up Smiley Created By GT
So, if you use them a lot, Give a Little huh.  (:

If you want to see the very latest Smileys created, Register for the Forum as they always get used there first and then when I have time they get added into the Smiley site.

I am currently Looking for other Smiley web sites who would like to do a link exchange, contact me via the forum about this please.  Anyone who wants to add a Banner or Button on their Blog or Web page or Forum may do so also, just pick one from the Smiley Mini Site Selection.

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About Different Browsers and Screen Size:

(And the Hand Coded Pages.)

You can browse this Web Site in most browsers and view it with most Screen sizes, from Widescreen to a smaller 800x600 setting.

The Web Site Construction and Code should adapt for most, though anything less than a screen size of 800 wide will probably end up with a small horizontal scroll bar.  However, With the nature of the content the Design of the Site requires you give me at least 1000 pixels across, I mean come on, it's not much to ask is it?  (the main area that requires a wider screen settings for optimal Viewing is The Desktop Section and the Smiley Mini site.

The Web Pages contained within my Web Site are Coded @ and beyond the Standards set by the W3C.  The Valid HTML ensuring that the page is Cross Browser Compatible, so most Browsers should display the page as intended when I Designed and Coded it.  Any pages that you have trouble viewing please report them, I will do my best to make sure all are as accessible as possible.

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Browser Disclaimer:

This Web Site was Coded and Designed to be Viewed in a Standards Compliant Browser for optimum Surfing Pleasure. It was coded using Firefox Web Browser and the Code was Hand written and Tested Via the W3C Validation Service at level 4.01 Transitional Minimum. It was done because that improves Cross Browser Compliance.

If you are Viewing in a Non Standards Compliant Browser you may be missing out on the Web site Design as it was intended to be: "Don't hate the Playa, hate the game..." The Web code standards are there for an average Surfers Pleasure, as well as making the geeky Webmasters and Coders lives a bit easier. Don't be ignorant of the fact that you may have a sub standard and out of date Browser, Update today and get one that does what it is Designed for.

Some of the areas contained within this Web Site and the Forums may require you to have Flash Enabled or Available, you may also require Audio capabilities for Streaming or Music/Sound Effects Type Media Posted and Discussed on my Forums.

I recommend you have or are able to Install: Or have Software/Capabilities to View them with other Options.

Get Plug-Ins: Flash Plug-In - Winamp Media Player

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News about the Community Forums:

:- New Address for the Main Forum -:

Due to the recent Update of the phpBB forum software the older Database and Forum suffered a Fatal Error while Updating the Software.
Newer Members are asked to Create a New Account for G.T's Forum.

Old Regulars are asked to use their Old Account on G.T's Forum.

If you wish to Sign my Guestbook or Leave a Comment about this Web Site or any of My Efforts or Work involved or on show Throughout the Ganjataz Servers/Web Sites, Please use This Forum/Guestbook section and leave a message.  Guests are Allowed to Post, however IP's are Logged and Recorded so any Abuse Will Be Reported and dealt with.

Due to the huge costs of running the forums I have had to resort to advertising banners, this sucks I know, but I have to find some way of funding the Community Forums.

Advert/Banner free viewing is available for a small yearly fee, please contact me about this if you are interested.

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ganjatazFM - (What is ganjatazFM?)

I am toying with the notion of starting ganjatazFM back up, if I can sort out my Web casting abilities and some ISP issues I could encounter, more on that later.  Till then, check out the Forums for latest D.J-W.T.F? mixes and works.  Links to my Mixes and of other Resident D.J's on my boards are posted, and links for new works will also be posted as and when they become available for download/listening/sampling.

If you can provide or fund a fulltime Web Casting enabled server please give me a shout.  Throw in a License and we will make sure you get a return deal in sponsorship PR back from us that will create a small media frenzy and upwards.  Set the station up with a Custom system that can broadcast 24/7 and compete and we will get you an audience...  If you can't go the whole hog and get us back on the air in a serious manner, help us out with hardware or other stuff you may have lying around that you don't want or need.  Anything that helps power or upgrade both our PC Hardware or Server side capabilities is always welcome.  If you can't offer Either, Paypal a few quid and help pay for the bandwidth the site uses, become a member of the Forums and support the Cause for Good quality music from Fresh new Music Makers and Veteran D.J's alike.

As the Community using this Web Site has a few Internet D.J's and main stream "Big Room" D.J's, I think we could already cover a full weeks rota for both Production Staff and D.J's.  So all we would need is enough to Fund/Start the Cast and the rest could running full power in no time.  If you can sponsor the Start of the Station we would carry advertising for you as our sponsor in line with our unique station brand and Flavour in format and music content.

More about this and other ganjatazFM matters via the Forums please, or through a PM with Taz.


What is/was ganjatazFM?

ganjatazFM was the Station ID from my Internet Web Casting days.  I used to Web Cast a live Internet Radio Station direct from my PC to Listeners who would Tune into my Station Broadcast at home or at work, depending where their Internet Connection was.  I played mainly Old Skool Dance and Rave, right through to the Best of Modern Dance with some Chilled out or eclectic blends and mixes.  Thrown into the mix would be special broadcasts of D.J-W.T.F? Mixes and Remixes, or bootleg edits and White Label versions.  The station mainly went out at the weekends and was for the returning clubber with a bit of steam left who wanted some good hard tunes when they get home.  It would also cater for the clubbers come down listeners later into the night and weekend.  The Listeners could contact myself via Messenger or E-Mail and select songs or carry on dialogue with myself about the station and music, or the performance and stability of the signal/broadcast.

It was only brought to an end because of ISP issues, so I couldn't broadcast any more.  =/

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Brother Site. -darksides.co.uk

I am pleased that I can announce this site has now got a brother site. 

That is to say that a friend of mine has purchased a Domain name and is starting up his own Web Site for his Works. 

Welcome into the Webmaster World Rob.  His site can be found at www.darksides.co.uk

Worth a visit just to see what he has been making with Bryce or his latest Smileys. =]

[ and it saves on him nagging me for image hosting ]  ;)

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