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Frequently Asked Questions -



Main question:

Are you properly logged in so you can actually reach the place you are trying to get?

If not or you need to be, logging in usually helps.

(Especially for Member area sections of the site & forum.)


The Site is Currently Running in the Grey 3.1Beta mode.

Work on the next Version is Delayed, as was the full 3.2 Version Change over.

Each area will usually contain Information on when that was last Edited or Updated.

[When I get time I do intend to overhaul the site Style.  However with the size of the place now and the workload I usually have on, finding that amount of time is difficult.]

Last site wide update -

Previous site wide update -

Only Complete/Finished Web Pages will carry the Version 3.2 mark to show they are fully HTML Compliant, are 56k Friendly & have had all the content they are going to have added to them.

So till you see a Version 3.2 badge, please report All broken Hyperlinks, Images or Pages. =]

As most pages will not fall into that category, until an official site wide update is done they will remain at least HTML 4.01 or higher valid Hand Coded Web Pages.

More info about the website Versions.


Started 17th of July 2004.

Checking the 404 Part 2 Page is a good idea or the Forum as a second option.

If not happy with those options you have arrived here, The F.A.Q.


Or questions I get asked frequently?

"Why the & .com ganjataz web address?"

The site just grew & a chance came up too grab some space on another server so the .com addy was purchased for that purpose.  & during the website construction & overhaul parts of the site will shift you through both the .co. & the web sites/servers.

Currently the Forum is run on the .com Web server.

The site was located on the server but has now been chopped up & moved.

Parts of which will return on the .com Server in the new Version 3 format.

The only real main elements from Version 2 that can still be found on the Web server are parts of the Faithless Forever Mini site.

"Wow, that forum has a massive post count for so few members!"

What can I say, they talk a lot. *shrug*

More on this matter...


About the forum.


It is an Internet community board.  Expect the usual net humour and other bollocks that goes on.

Registration is not required, however guests may only view public areas.

If you are asked to log in, that indicates you cannot visit that area unless you are a member.

Make sure you read the legal stuff if you register as this website takes Online Fraud very seriously.


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About ganjatazFM

This is something I do when I can, it is just a simple web cast run through Shoutcast & is basically an internet radio station.
When it is on air I play mainly Old Skool rave & the best of classic dance.
This is a non profit making system & is just so others can listen to tracks they may never have heard before in an effort to spread the word/promote artists.

When I set this back up again it will have a page with the instructions on how to get ganjatazFM & also play lists so you have an idea of the exact songs & style of music I play.

When I am online & Casting, to listen you will need;

A Media Player that can connect to the Internet. - Winamp. WMP. REAL....
(Whichever you prefer, I use Winamp. & Shoutcast to Web Cast which is why I only link to them & also it works best via those.)

A fairly stable connection & above a 56k Modem for best results - 512k Broadband-T1+ for best results.
The Web Cast is Streamed @ 56-112kbps & can easily hold around 20-30 listeners.

Anyone wanting to sponsor a server & the License fee Please contact me ;)

More in this this section coming soon if I can get it running again.

More on this matter...

See also 404 Part 2

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Who or What is D.J - W.T.T? - __.__ <^. .^> __.__


"dee - jay what the fuck?"

It tells you all you need to know in the mix or music. ;)

"Nuff said, if a Pro D.J can do it, why can't anyone?  Is it all about the music or is it all about filling the industries pockets?  It should be free so people can hear it, then they can chose to grant the original artist the fair share of the money.  How can people choose if they cannot hear?"


Are you listening to a song or tune you just got to shout about?

Give it a mention here. :- Give it a shout section.

Think you can write a review of the latest music vibes & tracks,

Want to debate everything under the sun just for fun, reviews always welcome in the entertainment forum.

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F.A.Q. - Tech Spec

Answers about site issues or browser problems.

1: Stop browsing with M$


This rest of this section coming soon.


I surf using Firefox web browser.

Get Firefox

The basic site being installed at the moment is striving to get all 56k webpage's on this server to the W3C Valid HTML Quality standard.  These pages will serve as the backbone for the website, so these pages will mostly all be HTML compliant pages.  As this format works well across all browsers and for low/slow internet surfing users and multi compliant web browser compatibility.  This web site has chosen to use the standard HTML to give you a clean website that works well in browsers that accept the standards of code it uses.  This will provide you with a fast loading and user friendly website for a basic browsing experience; but one that is presented in a format that is cross browser compliant & using correct HTML mark-up.

More on this matter...

If the webpage does not look right, don't blame the site, don't blame the code, blame the browser.

See also 404 Part 2

The pages have been tested in other browsers by other people & so far none have had any issue of note, if you are having an issue seeing my site, please report this on the forum & tell me what Operating System you use, what Browser & version.

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Where The Fuck (W.T.F) did it go?

"I was here last week & there was this webpage, where did it go?"

This section coming soon.

More on this matter...

See also 404 Part 2

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The about Section.

About This Web Site.

This Web Site was built by myself, for myself;
With all Code, Concept, Content, Copyrights, Graphics, Images,
& anything else associated with it's building or Construction is Created & Owned by me.

It was built with several tools.
CoffeeCup Firestarter.
JASC's PSP 7 & AnimationShop 3.
Big thanks to those who made them & those who helped me learn how to use them.

& last but not least...

Some Time & Imagination....

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About the Webmaster.

I was brought forth into this world in the year of 1974,

I was a summer child so happiness and sunshine reign in my mind.

I was a wide eyed happy child, now I'm not so sure.

I was raised by a loving parent, who gave all that a child could need.

Only life took things away from me. Usually in bigger amounts than it gave.

My education by life was far superior to my schooling.

Learning more by breaking things or doing them wrong was my way.

Seeing that deconstructing things then rebuilding them gives more understanding.

(Much to the annoyance of my hard working parent.)

After many jobs and failed aspirations and never living up to other peoples expectations.

I decided to please my self and do my own thing.

This is what you see in front of you.

I do not profess to be a poet, nor have I ever, I aspire and that is all.

my words are just a vent for excess steam and a way of purging my soul.

What you see here are words from many years and many emotions.

Not all will apply to you, but maybe one day some of them will ring true.

I place my words on a page and leave it up to you to decide if there is talent in them or not,

That is your choice.

I seek no other validation of them, but your comments will be listened to with interest.

I am not perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I aspire to be better than I am, or was.

I have drifted through life looking for things that do not seem to exist.

but watching and learning all the time.

I have a few pearls of wisdom, but I do not care to share these, that is for you to find.

All I hope is that one or two words here may change a tiny fraction of something that is wrong.

All the poetry contained within this site is penned by myself and is original,

for no other reason than I do not like reading poetry, so taking somebody else's words would be rather difficult.

Same applies to any artwork or custom made graphics.

The Photography on my site was all taken by myself with my old Canon 35mm, or my new Goodman's Digital camera.

Please treat my efforts with the respect I would treat yours.
If not, (a case of the legal nasties will follow!.)

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External Linkage.

Get Firefox - HTML Standards guru - Valid HTML 4.0! - - = Music triple combo & = Hosting for web Forum solution.


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Website versions.

V.3.1beta - Screenshot. - Version 3.1 beta came online on on 21st September 2004.

V.3 - Screenshot. - Version 3 from 17th of July 2004.

  • Intro Flash Versions: - .com and

Version 3.1beta Banner - .com (2004)

Version 3.1beta Intro Movie - .com (2004)

Version 2 Intro Movie - Both .com and (2002/3)

  • Version 3.2 Is being worked on globally across the site.
No Current Screenshot for Version 3.2 available yet! - Re-design in progress!

Version 3.1 beta is still being tweaked or the page is waiting to be updated to the latest Version or is just waiting to be finished before the next Version is Released to make sure it runs smoothly across as many browsers as possible. 

Most of the Site now runs 3.1beta Web Pages, so should be HTML Valid & have no issues.  Any that do, please report them via the Report anything Broken Page.

Once that has been finished & all seems to be working as it should be I will change the version name to Version 3.2.  Many thanks to those who helped check browser compatibility.

As Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional is the current easiest and friendly code about it will be used throughout as a minimum, when XHTML or a higher level of HTML be required the Web Site will then be Coded up to and possibly beyond that Standard.  The current level of Code/HTML Was picked as it is Cross Browser Compatible for most Browsers that can at least Render proper Valid HTML, this and most Browsers that are not Compliance compatible or require Code that is Backwards compatible to a more basic level.  The Site was Tested in Firefox and also IE, the Webmaster recommends you use Firefox also, for safety and also your own surfing pleasure.  The .css is also Valid and for the same reasons the HTML is.  Both were Validated using the Validator at the website.

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Webmasters System and Hardware Specs.

Venger 2 is the machine currently being used by The Webmaster.

Current specs for Venger II project:

Dracula LAN case
3 Gig P4 Prescott
1.5 GB RAM
128MB Radeon graphics card
500w PSU
250 Gig HD
80 Gig HD
40 Gig HD
XP Pro O/S (Legit =P )
CDRW and a CDRom drive (Still not got a bloody DVD drive yet!)
Double underslung fan on 250 Gig HD
Side Fan on case and 2 LED fans inside case.
Round UV reactive IDE cables (Better for keeping PC cool, not the UV reactive bit though obviously)
UV light strip (Blacklight) so the IDE cables glow a cool neon blue.
Internal Purple/blue directional laser.
3 Neon blue LED arclights.
Blue neon string.

6.1 Sound Card

6.1 Speakers - Surround Sound

Illumination Rig On - Side Profile.

Venger II - Night Time Image

Illumination Rig Image is Out of Date and was taken During an Upgrade period so is not placed or showing as it is intended.  Soon as I can sort my Media Reader out the new images will be Uploaded.  Prolly on the forum first, so check there for more details or about what is going on with this PC.


Venger is currently Offline and being worked on.

Venger 1 - Side Profile

Venger 1 - front Profile

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