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Please select a Smiley Category.

This page is out of date.

Please Use This One Instead.


Choose a category to view Smileys from that type.

Then Click on the smiley you wish to post.

The URL will be displayed in the URL display box.

Copy & Paste this URL into your post.



You may Post these Smileys on forums freely.

If you would like to use them on a webpage you must link to me using one of these banners.

G.T's Smileys - Smileys, Emoticons and Icons.  ~ - Ganjataz Button

Please also inform me that you are using them by making a quick post on my forum.

If you want to download them in bulk to use on a smiley legend for your own forum.

Smiley Pack 1 - 94 Smileys in total. ~ .zip  (164kb) - .rar  (154Kb)

The pack does not include a .pak file for use on phpbb, you can make ya own.Smiley - Sticking tongue out.


Smiley Tutorials.

I have made a few basic Smiley Tutorials/Guides if you would like to make your own Smileys.

Smiley lesson 1 - Creating a smiley.

The basics of creating a simple smiley.

Smiley lesson 2 - Adding parts to a smiley

& also how to post a smiley on a forum.


Page Updates:

This page is out of date.

Please Use This One Instead.



Smiley Menu Bar. - 13th of October 2004

Added a few more pages & reworked the Smiley Navigation.

Bit of tweaking still needed.  Any broken images or URL codes for the addies, just let me know via the forum.

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